Facts About Childhood Obesity

Do you know any Facts About Childhood Obesity?

Most adults have realized by now that children are heavier today than they were when they were children themselves. According to the centers for disease control, childhood obesity has more then doubled in children, and tripled in adolescents within the last 30 years. Obesity is at an epidemic level for everyone in North America, and it’s even starting to catch up to the more traditionally thinner parts of the world.

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Important keys for healthy weight loss plans

Most of us have felt like we needed to lose some weight at one point or another in our lives, and maybe you are there now. For a lot of people, it is done in a random sort of way – no focus, plan, or extra time given to their goals. But weight loss is so much more than just the desire and determination to shed a few pounds. There are a few key components to a healthy weight loss plan.

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Smart Ways to Cut Calories Everyday

Many experts agree that when it comes to weight loss, it really boils down to ‘calories in versus calories out’. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, dietitians generally agree that you will lose weight. However, weight loss doesn’t necessarily have to happen after you completely change your diet. You can start by making little changes to eat healthier and cut calories everyday.

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6 Habits of Healthy Families

Did you know, that if one parent smokes or is overweight their child has about a 50% chance of smoking or being overweight themselves? That’s a pretty intense statistic. It’s easy to see that there’s more than just genetics making up these numbers. It’s more about family habits and not family genetics sometimes. Healthy families have some specific habits that set their families up for success.

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