3km for 3 Fathers in Moncton, NB

On June 4th, 2014 three¬†brave RCMP men lost their lives in a shooting, 2 other RCMP officers were badly injured. You can read about the Moncton shootings here. The 3km for 3 Fathers is a race organized by the wives of the fallen officers. The race takes place on Father’s Day.

3km for 3 fathers

This race was one of the most emotional races I’ve ever had the chance to attend. The opening ceremony featured the playing of Oh Canada, and a word from one of the officer’s wives. It was very touching to look out and see a sea of red from all of our tshirts. (We weren’t wearing our shirts because we weren’t able to get our race kits early. Next year we will be sure to wear them.)

This race was also the first one that our entire family ran together. My mom and Zac have been training using the couch to 5k program and were able to run/walk the race. It was a nice experience for us all to participate together.

3km for 3 fathers

Although this was the shortest race I have ever ran, it was one of the hardest for me mentally. Because of my shin pain, a few weeks ago I went back to square one and started the couch to 5k program over again. I am trying to work my miles back up slowly and it is so frustrating. We just ran a 10k in May and I feel like I’ve taken 8 steps backwards. I wanted to start training for a half-marathon and now I struggle with the C25k program, and all because of my shins.

It’s very discouraging.
I’ll keep pushing with my training and hopefully it will get better.

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