7 Gadgets that make Eating Healthier Easy

It’s no secret that nutrition is the most important component to losing weight and living a longer, healthier lifestyle. But it’s convenient to grab pre-made snacks that are full of sugars and added ingredients. These gadgets make snacking on fruits and vegetables so much easier.

7 Gadgets that make Eating Healthier Easy

So many people blame their poor eating habits on time. They just don’t have the time to stop and eat a healthy meal or prepare healthy snack. Well, you have to make time. These gadgets will make your meal and snack prepping go a lot quicker.

These 7 gadgets make eating healthy easy and fun! Plus they are all under $10 AND are perfect for preparing snacks for kids!
  • Strawberry Huller – Remove the strawberry stem in seconds leaving a neat little hole if you want to fill them with something. This tool helps leaves more of the berry behind! You can also use it to remove tomato stems.
  • Strawberry Slicer – Whether you are eating them straight or adding them to a recipe, a strawberry slicer will slice your strawberries easily.
  • Pineapple Slicer – We LOVE our pineapple slicer and we use it all the time. It makes cutting up pineapple so easy and quick. AND it’s less than $4!
  • Citrus Peeler – These little things make peeling oranges a breeze. There are 4 in a package for a little more then $1! Peeling citrus is such a pain without the help of a peeler!
  • Apple Slicer – I love peanut butter and apples for a snack. It’s healthy, quick, and easy. This tool makes perfect sections of apple, and leaves the only core behind.
  • 3-in-1 Avocado Tool – Peel, pit, and slice – this tool will have you enjoying avocado in no time!
  • Watermelon Slicer – I can wait to get one of these. I hate cutting watermelon because I always seem to make such a mess and end up wasting a lot of the fruit! This will make it so much easier.
  • BONUS – This tool does it ALL. Make a complete fruit salad with this one tool. It includes an avocado slicer, citrus peeler, apple slicer, fruit grater, and MORE! It’s super cute too!

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  1. I think I have all of these, and you are right, they do make eating healthier, easier, but the pineapple slicer. Which is funny because fresh pineapple is my absolute favorite fruit. I’m going to get me one now, though!

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