5 Reasons to Switch to Green Skincare

Have you ever considered all the chemicals and toxins that may be lurking in your skincare products? I know I have! I was really surprised when I started doing my own research and trying to find out what I was putting on my skin and into my body. It’s kind of alarming when you stop to think about it.

5 Reasons to Switch to Green Skincare

I want to start off by saying that the skin is our largest organ, and anything we put onto it seeps into our bodies because our skin absorbs what we put onto it. Your skin needs to be able to breath and eliminate waste. If you are clogging your skin up, your skin can’t do it’s job.

Here are 5 Reasons to Switch to Green Skincare:

  1. Skincare products tend to contain petroleum jelly by-products, like mineral oil, that coat the skin and clog up your pores. The scariest part? Our bodies can’t metabolize these products. Our skin absorbs them and they just sit in our bodies.
  2. Toners contain alcohol. The alcohol in these products irritates our skin and strips it of it’s natural oil balance. Check the ingredients list on your products to make sure they are alcohol-free.
  3. Parabens have been linked to cancer and interfere with hormone function. Parabens are used in tons of products as a preservative. Parabens are also used in fragrances – but it’s not a listed ingredient because manufacturers are not required to list it.
  4. Organic skincare companies tend to not test on animals. This is biggie for me. I am a huge animal lover. Beagles are the dog breed used most frequently when companies test on animals, and we have two of them.
  5. Organic products mean no toxins or pesticides because the ingredients are grown naturally. The crops are not sprayed with pesticides so you won’t be absorbing any into your skin.

How Products Affect Your Skin Varies

As someone who has dealt with acne for over half of my life… I try and be very careful with what kind of products I use. I have recently made the switch from common makeup products you buy in the drugstore, to brands that are more natural and hypoallergenic. I’m not really someone who wears a lot of makeup to begin with, so for me, that change is pretty easy to make. If you are someone who loves makeup, you might have to go through some trial and error to find your new fav. ‘green’ skincare products. Luckily, there is A LOT on the market these days, which means more options!

We try hard to be mindful of what we put into our body. We aim to avoid foods that are bad for us, like fast food, processed foods, and pre-packaged foods. We need to make sure we are being just as careful with what we put ON our bodies, because that will end up inside our bodies too.

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  1. Great article Jessica! Thank you for promoting such an important topic. I really don’t think a lot of women think through what they put on their skin (because it just stays on the outside of your skin…right?? :S). There are so many great smaller companies out there that are starting to promote organic, natural, chemical-free, zero animal-cruelty. I use one now called Mineralissima that I love..not only because my skin seems so much better on it but I feel good about using it too.

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