5 Aroma Diffuser Benefits

I love using my diffuser! It’s perfect for blending essential oils during the winter when we are dealing with stuffy noses and coughs! Add a few drops of your favourite essentials oils to the diffuser and find quick relief from colds, or use essential oils to combat them before they even start!

Aroma Diffuser Benefits

There are so many awesome benefits to using an Aroma Diffuser!
  1. The Smells are Amazing – You can either use essential oils as suggested or mix them together to create your own scent, the possibilities are endless. My favorite combo is Peppermint, Lemon, and Rosemary. This combination is perfect for concentration so it’s almost always in my office!
  2. Purify the Air – Unlike synthetic and mad-made air fresheners, essential oils are an all natural way to purify the air in your home and make it smell amazing.
  3. Relax and Fall Asleep – Using combinations like Lavender and Chamomile are the perfect way to help your body and mind relax. My husband loves lavender because it helps him de-stress after a long day at work!
  4. Cold and Flu Season – Breath easier and even prevent illness with combinations like Peppermint, Thyme, and Eucalyptus.
  5. Ease Anxiety – This is a big one in our house since both my husband and my 14 year old brother have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Mixing oils like Lavender, Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang are excellent for easing their minds.

If you haven’t invested in an Aroma Diffuser, what are you waiting for? The holidays are fast approaching so it’s the perfect time to invest in yourself! An aroma diffuser can help you relax during the stressful holiday season and will help keep your spirits up during the dreary winter months!

*I have been compensated for this post. All opinions stated above are 100% my own.*


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