Healing Gout using Colchicine

All About Gout and Colchicine

Healing Gout using Colchicine

People who have gout have severe issues every day. It is a very problematic disturbance that can negatively affect one’s life. This condition is a metabolic disturbance and those who have it know that improper dissolution of purine in body can cause increased uric acid in blood. Due to dissolution of purine and lack of certain matters which are no longer produced by our organism (and are needed in order to dissolve purine) increase concentration of uric acid is created within body. When this amount goes over allowed quantity, matter will start crystalizing and accumulating in soft and connective tissue, commonly around joints. Here, accumulated crystals will create inflammation of joints and surrounding tissue which will start acute arthritis. This condition can be very painful and it can last for quite a long time. This pain will be very intense while the area will be swollen, red and hot. If you wish to quickly treat this issue, you can buy Colchicine online from You! Drugstore.

Gout can easily be recognized by the fact that this pain usually affects toes. But, have in mind that this is not enough for proper diagnosis. Pain caused by gout can appear in any part of the body. Even though it commonly affects big toe, it is only in half of the cases. In other half of patients, it will appear in knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, hips and even within soft tissue. It is a sickness that will follow patient until the rest of his life because, in the end, it is a systematic disturbance of metabolism. We know what causes it but we do not know what causes disturbance itself. Most of the specialists claim that it appears due to genetic flaw. However, recent studies have shown us that number of patients in the world has increased. In some cases, this will be caused by insulin resistance and other metabolic problems such as liver dysfunction.

Anyway, gout causes accumulation of uric acid crystals. These piles which appear on bones and ears will create hard plaque. It will resemble white milky liquid which will penetrate most of the holes within tissue (especially around joints). At one point, body will react to these accumulated crystals by causing severe inflammation. This way, body tells us there is something wrong at that particular spot. Common inflammation will lead to tissue degeneration as well as permanent damage. Due to this, patient will have to react and start therapy as soon as he diagnoses gout.

As previously mentioned, Colchicine is regarded as one of the best drugs on the market for this particular medical issue. It works by preventing attacks (otherwise known as gout flares). Also, it can be used to prevent pain attacks which affect abdomen, joints and chest in case of familial Mediterranean fever. Have in mind that this drug should be used only for these two medical conditions. It shouldn’t be used as a drug to relieve pain. Common side effects which may appear include abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, cramping and diarrhea.

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