7 Amazing House Plants that are easy to care for!

I have become obsessed with house plants recently! I’ve bought 12 in the past few weeks! ? Every time I see a low maintenance plant in the store, I can’t help myself! I have to buy it! It’s okay though, indoor plants have many benefits!

7 Amazing House Plants that are easy to care for!

I don’t have much of a green thumb though. So I need low maintenance, like super low. Like they don’t need much light or water.

Here are 7 Amazing House Plants that are easy to care for!
  1. Jade – My first plant! It’s so easy to care for! It doesn’t need much light or water.
  2. Aloe – Aloe vera gel is great for cuts and burns so this plant is an excellent thing to have around the house! Aloe vera plants only need to be watered every 2-3 weeks, and their soil should dry completely before watering again. Perfect!
  3. Air Plants – Just as the name suggests – all this plant needs is air! You can sit them in a dish our on a plate, no soil needed. Mist with water once a week to keep it healthy.
  4. Philodendron – Thrives in low light, and doesn’t need to be watered very often – and even less in the winter! They grow pretty fast too and vine out nicely.
  5. Umbrella Tree – Easily keep this fast growing plant under control by snipping off the top leaves.
  6. Spider Plants – Grow quickly and are easy to separate into multiple plants.
  7. Snake Plant – Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is another plant that only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks.

I’ve linked all the plants to the cheapest options I could find and I think they are all under $15, with a few being just $5!

Their are many benefits to having plants in your home, including purifying the air, increase humidity, reduce carbon dioxide, improve your mood, and they just look so lovely! Plants make an excellent addition to any room.

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