5 Tips for Healthier and Stronger Nails

I have always had trouble growing out my nails. They are brittle and they break really easy. I have been implementing a few simple changes to try and change that! If you are trying to get healthier nails too, check out my 5 Tips for Healthier and Stronger Nails!


As a Taekwondo instructor… I get my hands kicked a lot. I’m always holding a pad for kicking practice, or sparring, and or holding boards for kids to break. Add that to normal day to day tasks, my nails taking a beating! (literally.)

Tips for Healthy and Stronger Nails:

  • Take care of your nails. Avoid using harsh chemicals, acetone based nail polish removers, or harsh emery boards. (you can use glass nail files instead) Make sure you are using a good moisturizer to keep your cuticles moisturised. Don’t be afraid to use nail polish but make sure you give your nails a break sometimes and always use an acetone based nail polish remover.
  • Stop biting or picking at your nails. Obviously this is not going to help your nails grow out! You can’t expect longer nails when you are constantly biting them down or peeling them. Break the habit!
  • Eat the right stuff. Eat proteins like whey powder, oily fish, and red meat, milk, eggs, blueberries, almonds, and drink more water… Eat healthier foods to get healthier nails. A healthier diet is a big part of healthy hair and nails.
  • Take a supplement. Biotin helps to build stronger hair, nails, and it’s good for your skin too! I have been taking Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails vitamins.
  • Try not to soak your nails. Before you wash the dishes apply a thick layer of moisturizer to your hands and nails and then put on rubber gloves before washing the dishes. This protects your nails from the water AND the heat helps the moisturizer work into your skin.

How do you keep your nails strong and healthy?

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