4 Must-Watch Netflix Food Documentaries

I have been binge watching food documentaries on Netflix lately and I am learning a lot. The documentaries have really helped open my eyes and have helped me make healthier food choices.

4 Must-Watch Netflix Food Documentaries

Something just clicked for me. Watching these documentaries have shown me what foods I THOUGHT were ‘healthy’ were actually hurting me. I have been counting calories thinking I was eating a healthy diet. Turns out, I wasn’t eating healthy after all.

4 Must-Watch Netflix Food Documentaries

  • What the Health – This documentary is brand new. This documentary talks about all of the links between foods and diseases and how what we put into our bodies can cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Vegucated – This documentary follows 3 volunteers who go Vegan for 6 weeks. They are all meat eaters and have decided they want to eat healthier. The film follows their journey as well as shows what conditions are like for animals in the US. I am not a Vegan myself, and honestly have mixed feelings about it, but I found it very interesting and eye-opening.
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross decided to drink only smoothies for two months and filmed his whole experience. He also meets another man named Phil who is unhappy, unhealthy, overweight, and has the same disease Joe does. The pair do end up losing a lot of weight and helping a lot of people along the way. I’ve been thinking about a juice cleanse myself, but on a much smaller scale, maybe 3-7 days.
  • Sustainable – I found this one so interesting. It all started with a Chef who wanted fresh, local ingredients for his restaurant. It ends up helping an entire community of farmers and restaurants who work together to provide jobs to the farmers and healthy options for the community. The film talks about how we need to have more sustainable practices for a brighter future.

I watched these films on Netflix but some of them may be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

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