Common Makeup Expiration Dates

The other day I read this little ‘tip’… “Adding a few drops of water to dried out mascara will make it last longer.” I cringed. Many, many people ignore makeup expiration dates. Did you know you can get nasty infections from using old makeup?

Common Makeup Expiration Dates

Here are some expiration dates for makeup items you probably keep lying around, I know I do! Keep a close eye on your eye makeup items, you can get nasty infections if you use old or unclean products!

  • Mascaras – Three to Six Months
  • Eyeliners – One to Three years depending on how often you sharpen.
  • Eyeshadows – Two Years
  • Blushes – Two Years
  • Lipstick – Two Years
  • Lip Gloss – One Year
  • Liquid Foundation – Six to Twelve Months
  • Nail Polish – One to Two Years

Be smart – if it smells or the texture has changed (your mascara is getting clumpy, your lipstick is sticky, your nail polish is separating) it’s time to throw it out! I know it’s hard to part with your collection but risking an infection is not worth expiration dates

To help keep track of when you buy your products, either write it down in a notebook or stick a blank sticker and write the date on it. Make sure you are cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, don’t use brushes that are dirty, or have collected dust. You can also reduce the risk of infection by making sure your hands are clean before applying makeup. You want to be especially careful with eye products, and never share mascaras!

I try to go through my makeup regularly, do you?

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