Super Easy Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I am always looking for a new and better hair mask. I found a bunch of Coconut Oil masks floating around pinterest. There are some that require more then just the coconut oil, like eggs, olive oil, honey, etc. But I just went super simple and stuck with just the coconut oil.

The claims are that the mask will make your hair shinier and healthier, and even help it to grow by stimulating the roots. Of course if you like the smell of coconut, your hair will smell good too!

coconut oil hair mask

It’s very simple to get started, just melt down your coconut oil. (it comes in solid form and becomes liquid when heated up) I heat mine for a minute, then mix it a bit, then heat for  another minute. Make sure you don’t burn yourself! You want it warm but not hot enough to burn! You need surprisingly little, I used waay too much the first time.

Then you part sections of your hair and apply the oil to your roots, then to the rest of your hair. I just used my fingers, but you could use a spoon or one of those brushes for dying your hair would probably work well too. It is REALLY greasy. You can then put on a shower cap, or a plastic bag. I used a bag because I don’t own a shower cap! I have seen some use a hair dryer to heat up their hair even more, I didn’t bother with that though.

Leave the oil in for 30-40 minutes. With 15-20 minutes left I applied my favorite face mask… Two birds, one stone!

Once your time is up it’s time to get all the oil out of your hair, and boy, I was NOT looking forward to that. First thing to remember is that when you get in the shower do not wet your hair. The first time I applied the oil I jumped in the shower and wet my hair and it took longer to get the oil out. The oil sticks to your wet hair. The second time, I lathered up some shampoo with a bit of water and applied it to my hair first, getting the shampoo all over my hair as best I could. Then rinse and repeat. You will need to shampoo at least twice.

I’m using it once a week. I’ve used the mask twice already and I really like it!



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  1. I was wondering how you styled your hair after? Did you blow dry your hair and is that the result in the photo?

    • I blow dried my hair with some heat protectant spray for this photo, but even without doing that my hair is much softer and shinier when I use this mask consistently! 🙂

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