Gentle Products for Sensitive Skin

I have acne prone skin.

I have been dealing with it since I was 14 and have never found a product that really worked. I have tried Murad, Proactive, Clinique… Just about any ‘3 step system’ designed for acne prone skin. Either they didn’t help or they worked for a few months and then I had to find something else. The worst part? All of these products are so harsh on skin. Even if you don’t consider your skin as ‘sensitive’, these kind of products are bleaching your skin and are full of harsh chemicals and toxins.

Gentle Products for Sensitive Skin

I needed a change.

I was so tired of using these harsh products on my skin… When there are warning labels on your products that say they might bleach clothes – that should be a wake up call. Why in the world would I put that on my face? Desperation! I needed to find something that not only worked but didn’t dry my skin and do more damage.

Finding something pure and natural.

Do you know how many harsh toxins and chemicals are in our skincare items? It’s shocking! Things like alcohol (very drying and irritates the skin), aluminium, mineral oil (sounds good – but it is really just a petroleum jelly by-product that coats the skin and clogs pores), parabens, synthetic colors, etc. shouldn’t be used in our skincare items and can even cause cancer, birth defects, and even infertility!

Gentle Products for Sensitive Skin

Your skin is your largest organ.

Your skin will absorb what you put on it, and you should make sure that you are using safe products. Your skin needs to breath and eliminate waste. If you are covering it up and clogging pores it can’t do it’s job. Using harmful chemicals actually allows germs to get in, and prevents your skin from eliminating toxins from your body. Not only is your complexion suffering, but your overall health too!

Finding the right products for YOU.

Everyone’s skin is different. You might have oily skin, your mom might have dry skin, and your brother might have combination skin. It’s important that you build a skin care routine that fits YOUR skin.

As I said, I have acne-prone/oily skin. I have been using l’Bri skin products and I am so excited with how my skin felt after just a week of using the products. My skin felt clean, pure, and HAPPY. It feels so nice to use products that are pure and natural with ingredients I can actually recognize and read out loud.

l’Bri products contain aloe gel instead of water, restoring herbs instead of wax, vitamins instead of drying alcohols… Your skin heals itself and is able to function as it should. Naturally.

The best part? You can try a l’Bri sample pack, for just the cost of shipping.

l’Bri is so confident that you will LOVE their products, all you need to do is pay $6.75 for shipping. There is NO annoying auto-ship programs or monthly club to join. You can try a complete skin care routine customized to YOUR skin type. Click here to go get your Sample Pack now!

Gentle Products for Sensitive Skin

l’Bri Sample Pack

P.S. I get no commission when someone buys a sample pack – I just love these products!

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