Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs

In the winter my energy bill more then doubles. I’ve come to expect it, and we know there are some big renovations we could do to help save some money, but right now I’m focusing on the small steps we can take to save big.

Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs

Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs:

  • Towel Rack – Re-using your towels means you end up using the washer and dryer less. Just make sure you keep the towel rack in a warm room so the towels dry out nicely. We re-use our towels 2-3 times. (Yay for less laundry to fold!)
  • Turn Down Heat – Turning your heat down, even by a couple notches, will save you lots over time. Cold? Put on a sweater.
  • Brita Filter – We recently stopped using our water cooler and opted for a Brita Filter instead. The water cooler was on constantly and could end up wasting a lot of energy, especially with an older model.
  • Check on Your Vents – Make sure all the vents in your home are fully opened, and make sure you clean them regularly so heat flows consistently.
  • Unplug Appliances – With just the two of use living at home, we decided we didn’t need our upright freezer. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, and don’t really eat frozen meals, so we didn’t need a deep freeze anymore.
  • Load Your Dishwasher – Make sure when you run your dishwasher it is completely full. Don’t run it for half loads, because that ends up being double the usage on your electric bill.
  • Unplug Power Bars – Some items suck up a lot of power, even when they are turned off. Things like small appliances, TVs, computers, video games, etc, should be unplugged when they aren’t in use.

Small steps add up, especially over time. If you are ready to make bigger changes, you can contact your power company and have them recommend some changes you can make.

There are some companies who offer rebates when you make energy efficient upgrades to your home, this is something I will be looking into in 2018!

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