Healthy Eating Habits

There are a few things you can do at the dinner table to save you calories.

These healthy eating habits can help.

healthy eating habits


We all know that 80% of losing weight has to do with healthy eating. You can’t exercise a bad diet away, no matter how much I wish that were true. There are things that can help you while you are at the dinner table though.

  • Before dinner, drink a large glass of water. The water will help fill you up so you don’t over eat.
  • Take it slow. Savor every bite. When you are full it takes awhile for the message to get to your brain, slowing down will prevent you from overeating, and allow your brain to get the message before you over do it.
  • Try eating on a smaller plate. This will help with portion control, the large plate is too big anyways.
  • Always eat breakfast. Not only does it boost your metabolism from the get go, it will help curb your appetite later in the day.
  • Try eating smaller meals, more frequently throughout the day. Studies show small meals, 5-6 times throughout the day boosts metabolism and energy.
  • Start with fruits and veggies first when you are eating a meal. The brighter and more colorful, the better! They
  • Stick with whole grains. They will keep you fuller longer and they have more nutrients.
  • Eat lean protein, like chicken or fish.
  • Drink enough water. Sometimes your body will tell you you are hungry, when you are thirsty.
  • Track your calories. You can use an app, a journal, or a website like Sparkpeople.

Curbing your appetite with these healthy eating habits will help you stay on track with your goals. Do you use any of these healthy eating habits? Do you have any other tips?

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  1. I need to definitely eat a lot healthier and drink less or no sodas in order to lose the weight I want to be at. I also want to run the Mud Run 5k in 2014 so I have some running to do to get in shape!

  2. Yes I agree with you. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a big challenge. Self discipline is the key.

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