How to Save Money on Books

I love books, and I know I’m not the only one. I collect books like some people collect hockey cards. I have shelves full of books that are just waiting for me. Sometimes the bookstore is a dangerous place because buying books can get expensive.

How to Save Money on Books

I am at my weakest during a sale. I went to Chapters recently and they had tables full of books that were just $2 or $3 AND bonus Plum points of top of that! I couldn’t resist and left with an armful. Luckily, we have to travel at least 2 hours to get to the nearest Chapters, so that saves my wallet some.

If you love books like I do, you know the struggle is real!

How to Save Money on Books:

  • Thrift Store – While most people are trying to find a great fashion buy, I am heading straight to the book section. Last year I found a stack of Animorphs books – the collection was almost all there!
  • Ebay – Ebay is the perfect place to shop for hard to find, pre-owned books. My last book bought on Ebay was East by Edith Pattou. (Loved it!)
  • Yard Sales – Yard sales are a great place to find old paperback books that have been stashed away for way too long. A lot of yard sales have stacks of books that haven’t seen the light of day in years!
  • Second Hand Book Stores – These are becoming rarer by the year unfortunately, but we are lucky to have one in town. On Tuesday’s all books are just $2! The bookstore is run by Autism Resources Miramichi.
  • Library – If you don’t need to own the book, libraries are a great option and it’s entirely free! If the book you want to read isn’t in, just add your name to the wait list and find another gem while you wait.

Are you on GoodReads? If so, feel free to add me and give me book suggestions!

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