Three Tips for Building Muscle

If you want to gain muscle fast, you need to treat your diet like a scientific equation. Ask yourself, what has been scientifically proven to be the best way to build muscle? There is no doubt that it takes a lot of discipline to follow strict guidelines when you are trying to build muscle fast. If you are serious, that’s what it takes!



Three Tips for Building Muscle and Gain Muscle Fast

Watch yours Macros.

Your diet should look like this: 40% Carbohydrates, 20% Fats, 40% Proteins.¬†This rule has been proven time and time again and has been found to be the best balance of nutrients for gaining muscle, and losing fat. Make sure you read labels because some foods aren’t strictly considered a ‘fat’, ‘protein’, or ‘carb’. For example, check your meats to find what percentage is actually fat and what percentage is protein. When you start a new diet, it is suggested that you record the foods you eat so you can get a feel for how much fat, carbs, and proteins you are eating. After awhile you will get to know how much you should be eating without needing to record it.

Try and eat every 2.5 hours.

This will ensure that you aren’t eating huge meals. Huge meals spike your blood sugar levels and then they end up crashing. It’s also hard on your digestive system because there will be a build-up of food. Easy digestion is a key when trying to gain muscle.

Maintaining a steady level of energy will help you get the fastest muscle growth possible. Eating small meals every 2.5 hours will keep you from snacking, and keep you full of energy. This will be about 6 meals a day. If you do need snacks in between, try nuts or fruits and veggies.

Gain muscle fast with these muscle building tips!

Cycle Your Caloric Intake.

Keep your body from adapting to a certain calorie intake by cycling your calorie intake. You can alternate between low calorie days and high calories days. If you want to gain weight you can have more high calorie days, if you want to lose weight have more low calorie days.

You don’t really have to be super rigid about this, but you should keep track of calories and decide the night before whether the next day will be a low-cal or high-cal day. Track your days so you make sure you have a good balance.

These three tips are specifically for those who want to build serious muscle mass. If building muscle is not a concern for you, or you just lift weights once in a while these tips may not be for you. But if you are really dedicated to building the body of your dreams, these tips can help set you in the right direction!

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