Encountering a Mean Dog on a Run

Encountering a dog on a run is one of my biggest fears… And it happened! Luckily I didn’t get bit, but the incident definitely left me shook up! Even though I have dogs of my own, I’m still afraid of strange dogs.

Encountering a Mean Dog on a Run

I signed up for a half-marathon in May ’17. I figure this gives me lots of time to train! After my bad luck with shin splints I am taking training slow and steady. Back in July my brother and I started a couch to 10k program. He stopped after the 5k portion and I am continuing on.

I usually run by myself when no one is home. I typically stick to the same route because it’s right down a busy, populated road. There are a couple houses along my route that have dogs who aren’t tied. Most dogs have underground fencing but a few just ‘stay in their yards’.

The other day while on my run I passed by a dog who is outside most days. She usually doesn’t budge when I walk or run by so I wasn’t really worried about her, but on this day she came after me. She growled and barked while baring her teeth. I actually ran into the road to get away from her and kept going on my run. I was pretty shaken up but I continued my run. On the way back she was waiting for me and growled as soon as she saw me. I turned around again and thought, “What am I going to do?”. There was no way I was going past her again!

Encountering a Encountering a Mean Dog on a Run

She looked like this but MUCH angrier!!

My mom was home on that day and I figured I could either wait in the church parking lot until she came looking for me, or I could try and find a path that led to an all purpose trail that runs through our village. It’s a Walking/Biking/ATV/Snowmobile trail that goes all through the province. I don’t like to run it by myself because it’s through the woods.

I ran along the road trying to find a way to the path. There were a few private drive ways but I didn’t want to trespass so I kept looking. Finally I found this small path that must not be used too much. It was worn down enough for me to walk through and within a few minutes and I was onto the trail.

The rest of my run was uneventful, thank goodness!

I’m going to have to find a new running route though! One with fewer dogs. 😉

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