Bullet Journal Tracker for Weight Loss

I am a sucker for a new journal, or a new set of pens, or a new planner… Okay, I’m a sucker for stationary in general. So it was no surprise that when I discovered the world of bullet journaling I had to jump in head first. (and yes, I know I’m late to the bullet journal party!)

A quick search on pinterest will help you find hundreds of bullet journal ideas and templates, but the thing that really caught my eye was all the fun ideas for a Bullet Journal Tracker, I particularly liked the ideas for weight loss! Let me share a few of the super cool ones I found.

Bullet Journal Tracker for Weight Loss

  • Little Coffee Fox’s Hexagon Tracker. I love the style of this tracker, the hexagon designs are definitely a unique option, plus, the water color added to the journal is so pretty!
  • Neta Marie Deigns. This page actually features a few different health and fitness bullet journal ideas, the weight loss tracker is about half way down the page. I love that it’s simple and straight forward… I have almost no artistic talent so this is perfect for me… The tracker also has a page to keep track of your inches lost, which is also important to keep track of for those times when the scale refuses to move!
  • Blue Shy Design. Another simple design that keeps track of your weight loss on any given date. It’s a good way to track if you don’t want to stick to a schedule for weighing yourself.
  • craftyenginerd (instagram). I love this tracker because you could make a pretty neat chart out of it when you connect the dots, also listing the rewards is a fun way to keep you motivated!
  • kristyapyoung (instgram). I’m honestly surprised this hidden gem of a tracker doesn’t have more likes! It’s simple, cute, and is exactly what I would want in a tracker.
  • The Petite Planner. A lovely, straight forward weekly weight tracker, along with a beautiful way to keep track of your inches lost. Again, keeping track of inches lost is just as important, if not more, then tracking pounds lost.

I appreciate that these trackers focus on one pound at a time, because that’s a great way to ensure healthy weight loss. Focusing on small achievements instead of the big picture also keeps you motivated and prevents you from getting overwhelmed or burnt out by thinking about how much you have left to lose.

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