Race Recap: MudHero Ultra 10k

This was our third year attending MudHero in Halifax, and our first ultra 10k. MudHero is still our favorite mud run and the Ultra 10k had more obstacles and MORE mud! We loved every minute of it. 😉

MudHero Ultra 10k

For the past 2 years we did the regular 6k run. (check out those recaps here and here!) When they introduced the Ultra 10k, we HAD to try it! The 10k course featured 25+ obstacles and lots of MUD!

2017 Mud Hero Halifax 6k & 10k Ultra - The Mud Slide

The Mud Slide!

Funny story about the slide. I feel like it’s gotten deeper every year we do it… My sister Becky and I went down side by side. I hit the water first and felt how deep it was, it was over 5″! Immediately I push up and yelled “BECKY!” and grab onto her. Poor Becky is only 4’11… ? (I SAVED YOUR LIFE BECKY) ? Not only is it deep but you get so disoriented from the intense drop and then you are just covered in muddy water.

rope climb mudhero

This was definitely one of the harder obstacles. You had to get a running start, grab the rope, and try and make it to the top. And you only got one shot to try, if you fail you had to go around. Can you tell how much of a slope the wall has? When you are full of mud and can’t get any sort of grip – it’s tough!

Just before the finish line.

Right before the finish line there is a deep mud pit. It’s deep AND there is an obstacle that forces you to end up almost totally immersed in the mud. As you can see in the photo above… We survived!

I love that Mudhero is for everyone – no matter what your fitness level is. If you aren’t comfortable with an obstacle or you can’t complete it, you can go around and no one is going to make you feel bad for doing so.

Another thing I love? Everyone is willing to help everyone. If you need help or get stuck there are a dozen hands willing to help you out. I panicked at the top of King Kong (cargo ropes along a wooden platform) and there were a couple people telling me I was fine and they would help me get down. The guy behind me grabbed my back while his girlfriend talked me over the ladder area. ?

And once again – we can’t wait until next year!
(p.s. the earlier you sign up, the cheaper the rates. don’t wait too long!)

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