4 Tips for Better Posture

One of my goals this year has been to improve my posture. I find myself hunched over a lot and I want to stop doing that. There’s many different things that can cause poor posture, but with a good plan and focusing on it a bit everyday, you can improve your posture in no time!

Tips for Better Posture:

  • Make sure your work space is ergonomically friendly. Try and keep your body aligned correctly by making sure you have a good office chair, your computer screen and desk are at a good height, and that you take breaks from staring at the screen and do a few stretches. Make sure you are mindful of your posture.
  • Try to perfect your posture with Yoga. There are several yoga moves that are good for the health of your spine and posture. Try and take a few moments a day to practice a few moves. Here are 6 Yoga Poses for Improving Posture and a 10 Minute Yoga Routine for Excellent Posture.
  • Strengthen your back and core. When your core is strong it’s easier for your body to support your weight and help keep you standing straight and tall. Check out these 6 Strength Exercises to Improve Posture. You can also strengthen your shoulders to help prevent a hunchback.
  • Get a little help with a brace. There are braces you can use like this that help provide you with support and improve your posture. They are generally easy to use, comfortable, and adjustable to a wide variety of sizes. I have been using one for a few hours every day for about a week. It is pretty convenient to wear when I am just sitting around the house or taking a walk. It’s important to remember that a brace will definitely help your posture, but you must still stretch and strengthen your core for lasting results.

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