Inexpensive Home Gym Equipment

It’s hard to stay in shape in the winter. Since the weather quickly turns cold and snowy, I have to stop running around December, and I don’t like going to the gym, I prefer working out alone. Plus… I must confess that I hate the treadmill, or as I like to call it, the dreadmill! So during the winter, or on rainy days, I need to make sure I have something on hand to get me sweating a bit.

Inexpensive Home Gym Equipment

I’ve been doing some research and scouring the internet for good deals. The gym definitely isn’t an option for everyone, including me. With that in mind, I rounded up some inexpensive ideas to can build your own home gym, and all for under $100!

Inexpensive Home Gym Equipment

Dumbbells – Something every home gym needs! You can do so many strength exercises with just a set of dumbbells. Building a strength routine will be easy with a set of dumbbells. Purchasing a wide variety of dumbbells will ensure you are able to do a lot of exercises. Small weights, like 2lb, are excellent for adding to cardio workouts.

Pull-Up Bar – Who knew they could be so versatile? Pull-Ups work out almost every muscle in your body from arms, to back, to abs. You can adjust the level by using a chair, or if you can’t do a Pull-Up yet, jump up, hold for a second, and then lower yourself as slowly as possible.

Resistance Bands – You can use resistance bands to create a variety of workouts. They are supposed to be used instead of dumbbells to simulate many types of strength workouts. You can use them to add resistance to squats and leg lifts for a tougher ab workout. You can use them for stretching too.

Jump Rope – A jump rope is a great piece of cardio equipment. You can use it as an easy warmup or use it as a more intense cardio workout. Did you know 10 minutes of jump rope burns almost 150 calories?

Exercise Ball – An exercise ball is excellent for ab workouts. It can help you with varying degrees of squats and quite a number of arm exercises.

This is all your home gym really needs. With just these few pieces of equipment you can build yourself an excellent home gym and workout anytime you want! All these items can be purchased at Walmart or online!

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