Why stretching exercises are important.

Do you think stretching is an important part of your workout routine?

Is it something you do if you have a few extra minutes or do you make sure to take the time to stretch?

Why stretching exercises are important.

Stretching is a very important part of a fitness routine. Stretching can actually make a huge impact on workouts and whether or not you get the results you want. Stretching can, and will, prevent injuries too.

Stretching is a necessity when it comes to increasing your mobility and overall health. Stretching before or after your workout increases the benefits your body gains when exercising. Stretching before a workout helps warm up the soft tissues and prevent tears in the ligaments, muscle strain, and even bone fractures. Stretching will increase blood flow and send oxygen to various parts of the body.

Other benefits of stretching include improved muscle tone, preventing muscles stiffness and cramping, and added flexibility. Stretching after a workout can even help ease your back pain. Including stretching as a regular part of your workout will help improve your posture, build stronger muscles, and help with blood circulation. Stretching also helps improve mental clarity and helps your manage stress.

These reasons alone show how important it is to do some warm up stretches and then do some cool down stretches after your workout. You can benefit from stretching whether you are doing strength training or a cardio session. After you stretch your muscles will be warmed up and ready to handle the stress that will be put on them while you workout.

Doing cool down stretches after your workout helps relax the muscles and lengthen tissues that surround your joints. It is best to stretch within 10 minutes of your workout so your body doesn’t cool down before you stretch.

When you begin your workout routine do 5 or 10 minutes of a light warm up activity before you stretch. This could be a walk or running in place. Stretching cold muscles can cause injuries you are trying to prevent, so make sure your muscles are warmed up! When you are stretching, make sure to hold the position until your muscles begin to relax. This will vary depending on your current fitness level. Only stretch as far as your muscles allow you to; over-stretching can cause injuries.

You will notice many benefits when you include stretching as part your your regular workout routine. You will gain more overall and you will also feel and move better and think more clearly. Stretching really is the perfect way to start and end your workout.

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