Seven New Runner Tips for Those Just Getting Started

I have been running for several years now, I have re-started my training a few times and I have learned a lot on the way. If you are a new runner – or you are looking to get started – check out my tips below. Even if you have been running for awhile now, maybe you can learn something from little ‘ol me!

7 New Runner Tips

7 New Runner Tips:

  • Invest in Shoes – Make sure you get fitted for shoes at least once, so you know what you should be wearing. You are going to want to make sure you size up too. A professional can help you pick the perfect shoe type for YOUR feet. You don’t need to bother with fancy shoes when you are just starting out, but if you are looking to put in some serious miles, finding the right shoe is important for preventing injuries and making sure you get the best out of your runs.
  • Build up Your Mileage Slowly – You are going to want to follow a program, especially in the beginning, so you build up slowly and don’t end up with injuries. There are several phone apps you can get. My favorite has always been Couch to 5k. If you don’t want to follow a plan, make sure you are ramping up your mileage slowly.
  • Set a Goal, but Make it Achievable – Your first goal should be small and attainable. Something as simple as running 1 mile straight. You don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for yourself, especially if you are just starting out. If you want to go a bit bigger and sign up for a 5k, make sure you give yourself enough time to build up your endurance before jumping into a race, especially if you aren’t very active!
  • Get the Right Socks – Yes, socks can make a huge difference. You are going to want something made from moisture wicking material because you do not want to have puddles in your sneakers for your entire run. They are pretty inexpensive, so pick up a couple pairs!
  • Do Some Strength Training – Strengthening your core and legs will reduce your risk of injury. Planking is an excellent exercise for runners because a strong core is really important when running. It doesn’t take long to do a plank every night! 🙂
  • Drink Your Water – When you exercise a lot, you sweat a lot, and you need more water. Drink enough water to make sure you are properly hydrated.
  • Wear the Right Gear – You might not need it when you start out, but when you start to really sweat you are going to want to wear clothes that won’t hold onto sweat so you stay dryer and more comfortable.

I’m not gonna lie – running is HARD. It gets easier when you are consistent and you push through those tough workouts! Some days you are going to want to call it quits, don’t. You got this!

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