Quick Strength Workout, No equipment needed!

Strength training at home without equipment is the easiest way for me to get a strength workout done. If you are like me and hate dragging out equipment… And you are in a bit of a hurry but you still want to get a strength training workout done… Try out this quick strength workout and you’ll be done in no time! You need very little room and you don’t need any equipment, making this an easy way to just jump into a strength workout anytime of the day.

Quick Strength Workout, No equipment needed!

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Workout Ideas Jar: 30 Workouts in 30 Days!

My sister and I were talking about workout ideas and she wanted an easy way to change up your workouts. I thought this was a fantastic idea to make working out a bit of a surprise, and a lot more fun. I decided I would go ahead and make a list of 30 workout ideas that we can pick from and add to our workout calendar. I put them all in a little jar and this will make an entire month of different workout ideas. (if you workout everyday)

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