Quick Strength Workout, No equipment needed!

Strength training at home without equipment is the easiest way for me to get a strength workout done. If you are like me and hate dragging out equipment… And you are in a bit of a hurry but you still want to get a strength training workout done… Try out this quick strength workout and you’ll be done in no time! You need very little room and you don’t need any equipment, making this an easy way to just jump into a strength workout anytime of the day.

Quick Strength Workout, No equipment needed!

I am not a big fan of strength training, but I know it’s very important for weight loss and revving up your metabolism. I find it much easier when I don’t need to lug out any weights or equipment, and I can just jump right into my workouts. This is especially helpful when I want to get a strength workout in during a busy day, I can easily get this done in 15 minutes and jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

This is a quick strength workout you can do with no equipment and very little room. If you can place a yoga mat down somewhere, you can complete this workout. (Don’t forget to warm up first!) This is perfect for those days when I jump off the treadmill and don’t really feel like strength training, but I know I should. 😉

This routine works out your major muscle groups in your legs, arms, abs, and butt. If you are feeling like you need a bit more of a challenge, throw in jumping jacks, high knees, mock jump rope, etc, and alternative the strength moves with a bit of cardio. This will help keep your heart rate high as you do cardio moves mixed with strength moves, which means even more calorie burn! For example, do 30 seconds of cardio, and then a strength training move.

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Quick Strength Workout:

  • 12 Floor Dips – While sitting on the floor, start with your knees bent, with your fingers and toes facing the same way. Straighten arms, and then bend your elbows, making sure your butt doesn’t touch the floor while you are doing your reps. Each time you straighten your arms, you are lifting your butt further away from the ground, then lower your arms as you bend your elbows and bring your butt back down towards the floor.
  • 12 Pushups – You can do them on your knees, or on the wall, depending on your fitness level. For a little added difficulty, prop your feet up on something and do them on a decline.
  • 15 Bicycle Crunches – Lay on your back and move your legs as if you are riding a bike. Try to keep your head  and shoulder blades lifted off the ground, and keep your core engaged.
  • 12 Squat Jumps – Lower yourself into a squat and them jump up, repeat. To make them a little more challenging, add some weight.
  • 12 X Jumps – Start in plank position. ‘Jump’ your legs out to the sides so you are in a sort of ‘x’ position. Then bring your legs back back in so they are together again.
  • 12 Jump Lunges (each side) – Lower yourself into a lunge, jump up to standing position, repeat.
  • 15 Mountain Climbers – Start in plank position and bend your right knee into your chest first. Touching your toes to the floor, then jump back to starting position. Keep alternating your legs while you count. Count every time you finish with your left leg until you hit fifteen, or 30 times for both legs.

Repeat three times for a quick and efficient workout. Don’t forget to cool down and stretch afterward!

quick strength workout

Strength Training at Home Without Equipment

What makes this workout so quick and easy is the fact that you are only using your body weight to work your muscles. You don’t need to hunt down weights or run from machine to machine. This is great for those times that you don’t want to go out to the gym or drag out your own fitness equipment.

This is an especially useful workout for those of us who live in apartments or don’t have a lot of room in general. You only need a small amount of space to do these moves. If you have the room to do a plank, you can easily do any of these moves. You could even take this workout outside on a warmer day. Working out outside is just so much better then staying indoors!

Making it Easy on Yourself

My number one fitness tip would be to make working out as easy on yourself as possible. By doing workouts like this that require little to no effort besides completing the actual moves and routine, it’s a lot easier to actually do. You don’t even need to change out of your pajamas if you don’t want to!

Strength training at home without equipment makes it so easy to just stand up, warm up a bit with jumping jacks, and then just get it done. No need to dig out the weights. All you need is yourself and you will be done in no time! Do it in front of the TV watching your favorite show if you want, just do it!

Another way I like to make it easier on myself is if I am planning a run or other intense cardio. I get into my workout clothes as soon as I wake up in the morning. That way, I have no excuse, I’m already ready to go! All I need to do is throw on some sneakers and I am ready to get my cardio done.

If you can find little ways to make it easier for you to get moving, do it! Once working out becomes a habit, you won’t need to use little tricks to get yourself going!

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  1. The kids and I try do a version of this every day . We call it 10 10 10 where we do 10 jumping jacks, situps and pushups. We started adding in chair dips too. It’s not quite as productive as your plan, but at least it gets us all up and moving!

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