5 Tips for Treadmill Running

Treadmills; you either love them or you hate them. Regardless of how you feel about them, they offer many benefits for runners of all abilities. Before you hop on that treadmill keep these five treadmill running tips in mind. They’ll ensure you have a better treadmill running experience and help prevent injury.

5 Tips for Treadmill Running

5 Tips for Treadmill Running

Treadmill running tip #1: Good shoes are important. Often times people assume that since you’re running inside that you don’t need good running shoes. It is tempting to just go downstairs to the treadmill in your slippers and jog a few miles but this is a huge mistake. Not only are your slippers inappropriate for treadmill surfaces, basic tennis shoes are too. Treadmill running surfaces are hard and don’t have the give that you’ll find outside.

Additionally, your running form is likely to be more restricted and less free than it would be outside. This is normal because you’re running in a confined space. To compensate for this running form, it is important you have the right running shoes. Determine your foot type, your running style – do you over or under pronate, and then buy shoes accordingly. You’ll avoid injury and your indoor running experience will be significantly more pleasant.

Treadmill running tip #2: Put your treadmill in an inspiring location. Many times the treadmill ends up in the basement or the garage. While that may make sense logistically, who wants to run in such dark and cold places? Chances are your treadmill, if relegated to the basement or the garage, will end up collecting dust. Make sure your treadmill has access to natural light and is in an inviting space.

Treadmill running tip #3: Let me entertain you. Because treadmill running can be kind of dull, it’s easy to dismiss. Let’s face it, running in place for thirty minutes while staring at the walls sounds pretty painful. However treadmill running is perfect for watching your favorite show or listening to music. Additionally, studies have shown people work out harder and longer when listening to music.

Treadmill running tip #4: Increase your treadmill incline to level two or three. Running on a flat treadmill or even level one almost feels as if you’re running downhill and can be very hard on your muscles and joints. If you increase the incline to level two or three then it simulates a more natural running position which is better for your body and will give you the power to run longer and harder.

Treadmill running tip #5: Run with your arms free. One downside to treadmill running is that it’s too easy to lean forward onto the console or to grab the bars and run. Unfortunately this not only depletes your workout efforts but it’s also poor running form and can cause injury and bad habits when you run on the road. Stand upright with your body at a slight forward angle. Keep your arms bent at the elbows and your hands relaxed.

Treadmill running has very specific and powerful benefits. Follow these five tips and your treadmill running experience is sure to be everything you want it to be. You’ll lose weight, get in shape and enjoy the convenience of treadmill running.

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