Flip a Coin Workout

Sometimes exercising feels like such a chore, because let’s be real, it kind of is… So I try to incorporate as many fun activities into my week as I can. This could mean taking a hike, going for a swim, paddle boarding, etc. I haven’t been shy about the fact that I am not a big fan of strength training and truth be told, this is where I need to shake things up the most. I really need fun, simple, and quick strength workouts to get me through!

Regular old weights get too boring sometimes.

flip a coin workout

Are you a little bored of your current routine too? Shake things up a bit with this Flip a Coin Workout Challenge. Repeat 2-3 times for a fun, full-body workout!

All you need is a coin and a little bit of space to get started!

Flip a Coin Workout yourhealthyyear.com

Start by flipping a coin, if it’s heads do jumping jacks, if it’s tails do high knees. Do the exercise for thirty seconds, then move on to the next, which would be either pushups or squats, then leg lifts or lunges, etc. Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds.

Go through the entire list 2-3 times to get a full body workout!

This is an excellent way to keep your body, and yourself, guessing! Randomize your workout and add a little fun. Challenge a friend or family member and take turns flipping a coin for each other, or just do the same exercises and cheer each other on.

You don’t need any equipment and you could be finished in under 15 minutes!

Keeping your body guessing is very important when you are trying to lose weight. You need to keep pushing and challenging yourself, if you don’t your body adapts to your regular, predictable workouts and you will stop losing weight. This is what happens when you hit a plateau.

Have fun!

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