Indoor Anaerobic Exercises

Indoor Anaerobic Exercises help you build muscle while simultaneously increasing your BMR (number of calories you burn doing nothing). Anaerobic exercises are strength-based moves and high-intensity movements. If you want to be strong and lean, you need to do some anaerobic exercises.

Indoor Anaerobic Exercises

Here are a few moves you can do inside, while the weather is still too cold to get in some workouts outdoors!

First up is Squats. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, perhaps slightly wider. Point your feet forward, just a bit to the sides. Lower yourself back, as if you are sitting in a chair. Ideally your thighs should come to almost touch your calves, but ease into it, if you can’t get that deep – don’t. Don’t let your heels leave the ground, keep your feet firmly planted. Raise yourself slowly to your starting position. Raising yourself too quickly will not earn you the benefits of a squat! Make sure all your movements are controlled for best results. Squats target your calves, thighs, knees, and even your back. You will feel it in the morning when doing them correctly!

Next is Push-Ups. Simple enough, but so effective. When done correctly, the push-up is an excellent workout – and tough! Start with your arms directly below your shoulders. Extend your feet straight back and hold your body straight, like you were doing a plank. Lower slowly until your chest is almost touching the ground. Make sure your elbows go back, and not out to the side. Push-ups work your arms, chest, back, and most of your upper body.

Pull-Ups. The dreaded pull-ups. First of all you need a pull-up bar, you can purchase one on Amazon or at Walmart for $25. Pull-ups bars do not need to be drilled in, so they won’t cause damage to your home. Pull-ups are one of the best at-home anaerobic exercises you can do. Pull-ups work your biceps, trapezoid muscles, back muscles, your abs, and muscles in your upper body. Pull-ups are pretty straight forward. Grasp the bar, pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. Slowly lower yourself down. If you aren’t able to do a pull-up yet, you can start by jumping up, hold for a beat at the top, and SLOWLY lower yourself down.

Leg Lifts are great for your ab muscles. They work quicker then crunches, meaning you will feel it working sooner, and you will do less reps. 20 legs lifts compares to 10 crunches? I’ll take it! Start by lying on your back with your legs straight. While keeping your back down, lift your legs up straight for two counts, hold for one count and lower them back down. I like to place my hands under my lower back to support myself. If you find that having your legs straight is too hard, bend them until you can work yourself up to straight legs.

These are just a handful of options, but they require little space and you can easily mix them up and create your own workouts. Have fun!

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