7 Reasons to do Regular Strength Training Exercises

There are so many reasons why you should be doing regular strength training exercises. The most talked about benefit is weight loss, and while strength training helps a TON with weight loss, you need to know the other benefits too!


7 Reasons to do Regular Strength Training Exercises:

  1. Lose More Fat – The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn because muscle helps burn calories. By doing regular strength training, you will not only build more muscle, but you will protect your existing muscle from being lost while trying to lose weight. If you don’t make sure you are lifting weights regularly, your body will start burning muscle as well as fat.
  2. Quick Results – If you are trying to lose weight, strength training can help show you quick results. Make sure to take measurements so you can track your progress, the scale isn’t the only thing that shows results.
  3. Change Dietary Habits – When you exercise regularly, it help yours mind make smarter choices.
  4. Build Strong Bones – As we age, we lose bone density. The more we use our bones, joints, and muscles, the more they can grow and adapt to the stress we put on them.
  5. Heart Health – Strength training can improve blood flow to your limbs and help lower your blood pressure.
  6. Brain Health – Strength training improves your focus, self-esteem, better memory, improve sleep quality, and more.
  7. Prevent Injuries – Strengthening your muscles is the best way to heal and prevent injuries. If you are already injured, light strength training can help speed up recovery and prevent further injury.

Strength training doesn’t have to be super long and hard. You can use simple moves like squats, planks, and pushups, doing 10 reps each and repeating the workout 2-3 times, and still see great results.

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