It’s a Workout Roundup!

Six different workouts in one place! Check out this Workout Roundup for some variety! Most require little to no equipment AND very little space is needed! What’s your workout gonna be?

workout roundup

I am all about getting in a workout even when I have very little time. A workout I can squeeze in before a shower is perfect for me, a definite plus is when I don’t need any equipment. The simple park workout is great for in the summer when we can walk to the park and play. My little brother plays on the equipment while I get a quick workout in. You can easily switch up the moves to fit your mood too – or depending on what kind of equipment is at the park. I like to do chin-ups when there is a bar I can use!

  1. Arm Day Workout – 6 Simple Moves. All you need are weights and very little space to get toned arms.
  2. Leg Day Workout – 8 Simple Moves.  All you need is a yoga mat to complete this routine.
  3. Simple Park Workout. Workout while your kids play at the park!
  4. Quick Strength Workout. Full body workout – no equipment needed!
  5. 12 Ways to Burn 100 Calories. The title says it all! 12 ways to burn 100 calories right now!
  6. Fat Blasting Strength Workout. Easy moves, lots of burning fat!
  7. *Bonus* Need some Workout Motivation? 10 Tips to get some Motivation.

No excuses now! 6 workouts at the click of a mouse, pick one and DO IT!

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